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Tracking devices are available for cars, vans and other vehicles to ensure you can trace them should they be stolen, lent or need protecting. Most of these tracking devices use GPS (global positioning system), which, as long as the vehicle's GPS has a clear view of the sky, and is not blocked by mountains or very large structures, it is able to receive satellite transmissions with precise times and locations. Vehicle crime is mainly opportunistic, meaning it is also one of the most preventable crimes. Nearly one and a half million car thefts were committed two to three years ago. Fortunately, technology such as tracking devices has gradually helped the number of car thefts to decrease.

FollowUs GPS Box – Car & Vehicle Tracking / Locating / Alarm

FollowUs is one example of a car tracking product provider. They offer one particular type of tracking system for vehicles, simply called a GPS Box. It is simple to use, fully waterproof and has the ability to report a location every sixty seconds, or every five minutes, to your computer. It is small and can be placed anywhere in the vehicle (roughly the size of a thick slice of bread).

The GPS Box comes with the free software which you download to your computer, which gives you live feed and full reports on the location of the vehicle you are tracking. As getting about is more important for both work life and family life, and public transport can't always be relied on, you can't afford your car or van to be stolen or go missing if you've lent it to someone. This is why vehicle tracking devices are so useful and increasingly popular.

Phantom Target Caravan Tracking Systems

Locks and alarms aren't always effective against thieves, and this makes caravans and motor homes specific targets as they provide a base as well as transport. Trackers are extremely effective deterrents and are incredibly successful in the fast locating and recovery of a stolen motor home or caravan. There are tracking devices available which are designed to fit into caravans with a low battery drain, meaning that there is sufficient battery charge left for leisure.

One such device is Phantom Target which uses GPS and mobile phone technology to create co-ordinates of which can be used to pinpoint the vehicle location. The system is controlled by a key fob, which also has a range of other features. For example, it allows you to send an emergency distress signal directly from your caravan, so that if you find yourself in a medical emergency, or a breakdown, you can get access to assistance a lot quicker and easier than you would have done previously. Make your experience in your caravan or motor home safer and more secure with a Phantom Target Vehicle Security System.


Alarms For Vehicles

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