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Time of flight radio location systems (TOF).

This generic technology is designed for local area radio location particularly where location accuracy and minimal infrastructure is required or is simply not available. For example where there is no gsm coverage, out at sea, in a forest or deserted region. Meridian 1884 is a supplier and systems integrator for Salford Electronic Consultants Ltd who manufacture TOF systems and components.
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Time of flight also has the advantage that there are no call costs and power consumption can be very low.


Time Of Flight - How it works.

A radio signal travels at the speed of light and always covers a specific distance in a specific time.

If a radio transmission from a tranceiver at position A, is sent out at a known time to a receiver at position B, and as soon as it receives the signal it transmits back again and the total time of the two way trip is measured. This is repeated from a second transmitter at position C close to position A and a second distance is determined.

A triangulation method then tells you where the remote device B is located, relative to A and C.

To make the system more accurate a precision clock is required and if the clock is synchronised to the nuclear timekeeping signals emanating from Rugby for example the accuracy can be significantly improved.

Products for Locating, Tracking, Monitoring & Remote Control

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