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GPS Child Tracking / Locating Devices

Tracking devices are simple gadgets which usually take the form of watches, wristbands, or small devices which can be clipped onto clothing. Whatever it may be that you require tracking for, whether that be a vehicle or a lost child or family member, they send a signal to a home base system which provides a real time location. Either way, if you're concerned, it makes sense to have one.

GPS Tracking / Locating / Alarm Systems For Children

Seven or eight years ago, eight hundred and forty six child abductions were recorded by the police in England and Wales alone. This was a forty-five percent increase since the previous year. Unfortunately, the figures have seldom improved. It is a sad truth, but preventive measures can be taken by sing child tracking systems. The prices of these tracking systems has decreased since they first appeared, and more are being sold as people are becoming more aware of the tracking systems' existence. These handy tracking devices can lock on to the wrist, shoes, and clothes easily, but are difficult to remove without the pass code, or, the unlock feature via the internet. Should a child be taken, the small size and inconspicuous appearance of the locating device means the abductor is very likely to overlook it, or just not think to remove it. This gives you the opportunity to track your child's location and call for assistance.

Buddi GPS Child Tracking / Locating Alarm Systems

Buddi believe that parents or carers should be able to feel secure about the security of the children they are looking after. A Buddi tracking system is ideal for anyone vulnerable, should that be the elderly, those with learning difficulties, children and even teenagers. This involves using a very small GPS personal tracker, and even comes with extra features that can really make a difference. The incredible technology of Buddi means the wearer can be located within minutes, and should they have fallen and not got back up, the Buddi GPS locator will send an alert informing you of this. This feature is called 'Buddi Person Down'. The Buddi Emergency Alert allows the wearer to press a button if they are in need of emergency help. This sends a distress signal to the Buddi Customer Response Centre who will receive an alert of the Buddi location, and then call the emergency contacts. The wearer's Buddi will vibrate three times to let them know they have received their request for help. Buddi Boundary alerts the Buddi customer if the wearer has gone outside of a specified area, ideal for children and the elderly with a tendency to wander. Whoever it is you want to keep safe, Buddi offers these features and more, to keep children and others safe and to keep you well informed.

Locator GPS Tracking / Locating Tags

One thing parents want to avoid in any situation is having to search, panic stricken, for missing children. In large, crowded areas its so easy to lose sight of children. The Locator Plus comes in the form of a small gadget, rather like a mobile phone. They are to be used with tags for the children to wear, and should they wander outside of a pre-set safety zone, the Locator Plus will alert you. These locators come in the form of wristbands specifically intended for children. It has an unobtrusive design and splash proof silicon coating which doesn't get in the way of the Tag signals in any way. They also come in a variety of colours so they look less conspicuous and are more comfortable to wear.

Location Devices

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