Innovations Using Our Data Communications Technology

Here are details of some product in development. Each represents the application of various aspects of our technology to resolve a specific problem. We often find that the real innovation of not the technology itself, but the creative, lateral use of technology that we have already developed.

Point Of Origin Verification

The home land security department of the US government has recently implemented a policy requiring shipping companies to prove the providence of the containers that are entering the country.  Details required include Point of Origin for countries passed through and also confirmation that the container has remained closed for the length of the journey. can provide the technology to prove the container has remained sealed. We are now seeking partners to take this product to market.

In a similar application of this technology, armies engaged in foreign conflicts need to transport expensive and sensitive goods to their troops on the front line. Logistics dictate that the providence of these items can be proved and that the goods have reached their intended destination. Additionally it may prove critical that if the container is stolen the goods can be retrieved.



Man Down.

For safety reasons, work previously done by lone individuals in harsh, isolated environments, will require a second person to be present or the use of a piece of technology that can protect the individual in the event that he requires assistance. It is believed that that the development of a technical solution will prove cheaper than employing a second individual. We are refining the technology to provide this solution.

At Risk Group Locating are developing a product for enhancing the safety of groups going into the Australian outback. They require a solution that is not based on the current standard technology of Satellite beacon single use (flare) technology. Our technology lends itself readily to the development of such a solution.


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