Tracking, Locating, Alarm, Monitor & Remote Response Systems offers the complete range of data carriers to communicate data as the basis of solutions to problems in many diverse applications. Here are some examples of data communication technologies in operation:

Car, Van, Caravan & Motorhome Tracking & Secutiry

We manufacture specialist caravan and motor home tracking and security systems. We work with caravan and motorhome dealers and manufacturers to design tracking systems to meet their specific requirements. Our general purpose tracking system is fully monitored by our in-house call centre and can be enhanced with an alarm response in the event of unauthorised movement or theft.

Low Power Radio Activated Security Alarms – Caravans & Trailers

Caravans, trailers and construction equipment have no on-board constant power source to power an alarm system. We provide alarm systems which will function for several months without connection to external power.

Low Power GPS / GSM Vehicle Tracking Systems – Cars, Vans, Trucks

Some organisations need 24 hour monitoring of their vehicle’s locations, with a theft alert that will trigger a rapid recovery response.

Cheap Vehicle Location Devices

A vehicle rental business may need to know the whereabouts of its hire cars, vans, minibuses and trucks at any point in time, but wish to avoid the expense of a comprehensive monitoring system. We can arrange for the necessary location data to be communicated via a mobile phone - a huge cost saving when compared to a full monitoring facility. This system is ideal for vehicle hire companies to track its cars, vans, minibuses and trucks, home or abroad.


Remote Monitoring & Response

Our systems can enable pipelines in inaccessible locations to be monitored constantly. The automatic modification of equipment settings, such as flow valve position.

This technology can also be applied to the remote monitoring and control of critical equipment on chemical plants and other industrial processes.

Tracking, Locating, Alarm & Monitoring Product Development

Our products are developed by careful discussion with our customers to determine their needs and then developing an engineering specification to adapt our data communications technology to provide reliable and cost effective solutions to the most challenging situations.

We have specific expertise in developing creative systems for tracking, locating, alarms, monitoring, remote control and response. Dealing with such situations in environments where there is little or no mains power source or infrastructure for mobile phone or paging signals is where our technology truly comes into its own.

Tracking, Locating, Alarm, Monitor & Remote Response Systems
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Tracking, Locating, Alarm, Monitor & Remote Response Systems. Vehicles, Caravans, Motorhomes, Trailers & Construction Equipment.

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